Does True Love Exist? For Girls

Your Guide to Finding True Love and Mr. Right

Tired of Being single? Tired of getting your heart broken? Tired of attracting the wrong guys? Tired of being used and treated poorly? Tired of hating your friends because they're happy in love? Ever wanted to peek inside a guy's brain and see how they truly think? This book will help deal with these questions by dispelling some of your false views about guys, love and relationships. It will give you the principles to become the woman that stops attracting the losers, and to start attracting great guys. It gives you insight on how guys think and operate. It's an honest, open, humorous and in-your-face book from the mind of a good guy.

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How to Be a Real Man

Your Guide to being the man that attracts women

(IN PROGRESS) Have you ever wondered why beautiful women are always with jerks? Ever thought to yourself, "I would treat her so much better than that guy?" Ever wondered what it takes to attract the woman of your dreams? Tired of being shy and afraid to approach a certain woman and ask for her phone number? Ever wondered what went through women's brains? Want to know what women wish men knew? This book takes real women and their exact words telling what they wish men knew. This is the perfect book for men to gain the tools to attract women, and gain insight into what women wish men knew.